Water is the foundation to life. Without water, we cannot live.

Our bodies are made of 75% water, and along with diet and exercise, proper hydration is the key to health and wellness. Our cells are 99% water, and each cell must make the molecules it needs to survive, grow, multiply, and function. Our muscles, joints, tendons, cartilage, and bones need water for lubrication, protection, and flexibility.

Without proper hydration, our bodies become weak and acidic. Dehydration causes widespread damage to our bodies, including inflammation, oxidation, and glycation. When we are dehydrated, the body extracts water from non-vital tissues and moves it to key organs such as the heart, brain, and kidneys.

Ionized restructured water is water with a higher pH and high levels of negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) providing your body with more energy, better cellular hydration, and detoxification. Ionized restructured water facilitates nutrition, health, and healing. It’s high in antioxidants, which acts like an anti-inflammatory, helping the body operate efficiently.

As your massage therapist, I always recommend proper hydration after a treatment. After giving my clients massages, I gave my clients bottled water. With education, I learned some bottled water has a low pH (acidic) and added ingredients. Water processed through distilled and reverse osmosis systems are considered dead water. Bottled water has a shelf life of six months to two years. Most Bottled water containers can have up to 19 cancer causing chemicals in them. Bottled water is an environmental nightmare, since only 20% of plastic water bottles are recycled. I’ve since stopped giving my clients bottled water, and now give my clients the best ionized/alkaline structured water.

Recently, I was introduced to Kangen water, the results from this water have blown me away. I suffered for two years with plantar fasciitis, knee pain from running, joint pain in the hands and extreme shoulder pain from massage. Kangen water is not a cure but has alleviated these issues. Kangen water has empowered my immune system and has helped removed acid waste from my body. My clients who drink Kangen water feel the results too.

You may think water is water, but Kangen’s results are scientifically validated. Many doctors use Kangen water in their practice and personally. Because it has a short shelf life, you cannot buy Kangen water or anything like it by the bottle or by the gallon at stores. However, I’ll be glad to supply you with a three-week supply if you follow the recommended protocol.

If you are interested and want to accelerate your healing process by changing the foundation of your body, remove oxidation to a cellular level and assist your body to heal itself, contact me. When it comes to hydration, this is the ONLY water I’ll consume or give my clients. To learn more, visit Kangen Water.

Prices + Packages

Single Massage Prices:

  • $85 per 60mins

  • $100 per 75mins

  • $130 per 90mins

2 Pack Mini Maintenance:

*2nd massage must be pre-booked

  • $155 per 2-60mins 

  • $185 per 2-75mins 

  • $245 per 2-90mins

5 Pack Maintenance: 

*Saves $75, expires 6 months from date of purchase

  • $350 per 5-60mins 
  • $400 per 5-75mins

  • $550 per 5-90mins


  • ​Nancy is a true asset to the health and fitness industry of Charleston. Whether you are an athlete or someone who suffers from imbalances from everyday stress, Nancy's passion for massage will shine through. Nancy will tailor the massage to make it the absolute best for your personal needs. She works on getting to the root of the problem and helping her clients work toward a long-term and sustainable solution. Her unique combination of skills, combined with her loving concern for each and every client, simply dissolves stress and tension. As a personal trainer and Spinning® Instructor at Charleston RIDE, I would highly recommend that you trust Nancy help you to discover the healing power of massage therapy
    Catherine O'Sullivan Instructor/Personal Trainer, NASM, FNS
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